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Like spoken languages, computer languages represent connection. Referred to as “coding” or “computer programming,” these languages allow one to instruct a machine to perform a desired function. While not the same, computer and spoken languages are similar in that they allow one to interface with others. They each empower the speaker to accomplish things bigger than themselves by cooperation. Natural and machine languages differ, however, in a surprising way. While the spoken vary by location, nearly all computer languages are based on a single natural language: English. According to a study by Evans Data, India will have more programmers than…


If you’re like me, you love the idea of change, especially when it involves less monotony and more time for creativity. As a developer, I especially anticipate artificial intelligence — and in particular machine learning — as an agent for that type of change on a large scale in the near future. It has the ability to take what we already have (data and resources) and use them to create optimal systems, thereby freeing up humans for what we do best: socialize, collaborate, and dream.

The prospect of nearly zero “boring” or monotonous jobs, however, can be intimidating. They are…

These days, everyone seems to be talking about JavaScript. Not only is it the standard for client-side web programming, it is increasingly used natively, with frameworks like Node.js. Many desktop and mobile apps are built with Javascript, using clever containers to use browser flexibility with native horsepower. Even Unity, a game engine typically used for high-end simulations, supports JavaScript syntax. In many ways, JavaScript has become a gateway into the programming world, more so than traditional languages like C#. It‘s highly sought-after, easy to learn, and offers learning paths into nearly any industry.

But What Is JavaScript?

JavaScript originally, and still primarily is, the…


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